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What to see and do in China

My friend Michael from Get Moving Geelong says that China is a country that will not leave anyone indifferent. Without a doubt, you are going to immerse yourself in a very rich culture, so disconnecting a few days from your chores and going to know its customs will be worth it without any doubt.

For this reason, in this article we are going to tell you about some of the things you can see or do in the eastern country, they are the following:

  • Visit the Great Wall of China: it is one of the most spectacular engineering works in the world. You have several sectors to visit, you can choose the one you want.
  • Get to know the city of Shanghai: you must stroll through the area of The Bund, or the colonial houses, for this you can use a tour that is free without problems.
  • Take a walk through the capital, that is, Beijing: you can kick the Forbidden City visiting everything that you find interesting. Although it is important to consider the weather since it is rare that the weather is good.
  • Yangshuo: it is a municipality that is surrounded by spectacular karst mountains and bathed by the Li River. It is a fairytale landscape that you should visit, the most recommended thing is to rent a bicycle or take that boat tour.
  • Longji Rice Terraces: They were built more than 700 years ago and are very interesting to visit.
  • Pingyao: it is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in the country, it even seems that they continue at that time. Here you can walk along the wall or enjoy the Zhenguo Temple or the Shuanglin Temple.
  • Another city that you cannot miss, Xían: the most famous excursion you can take here is that of the Terracotta Warriors, but you can also walk through its streets to see the Muslim quarter, the wall or the Drum Towers and the Campana.
  • Zhangjiajie: or what is the same, the landscapes of the Avatar movie.
  • You have the possibility of moving by train throughout China: at first, all this may seem complicated, but little by little you will get the hang of it and you will do it without problems.
  • Get close to Leshan Buddha: it is carved from the side of a cliff. Measuring a total of 70 meters high, it is the largest sculpture in the world. You have buses if you want to go on your own or take a tour to visit it quietly.
  • Visit the Chinese city of Hong Kong: we can observe different contrasts, such as the skyscrapers that remind us of any city in the Western world, but with the streets of the Asian continent. You can visit its streets, along with its markets.
  • Macau: it is a city with a little American contrast. It is known as “Las Vegas of Asia” due to all the casinos out there. We even have some touches of Portuguese origin thanks to his legacy.
  • You can reserve your ticket inside the Train of the Skies, also called Transtibetan: it is a train that makes a tour through several cities such as Beijing or Shanghai to Tibet. It is indeed an expensive trip, but it is worth it and the traveller will never forget it.
  • Suzhou: or as it is known, “The Venice of the East”. It is an oppressive town where you will take a walk through the past. You can visit the gardens, the canals or the bridges.

Travel & Destinations

Turkey Just Has To Go On Your Bucket List

A fantastic and beautiful land in the balance to decide whether it is Asian or European … one thing is certain … it seems to unite two continents, as if it were a bridge over which we find a thousand-year history, a decidedly tasty typical cuisine and appreciated, infinite landscapes of natural beauty that extend from white beaches to imposing mountains … up to Istanbul, a city worth visiting … full of histories where it is possible to pass from Asia to Europe with a scheduled ferry in less than an hour …


A fantastic honey-colored landscape born after cooling a great volcanic eruption, for its color it would seem almost the work of very ingenious bees …! But here there are also Byzantine churches with frescoes, underground cities … today you can book in “5-Star Caves”, go horseback riding and even flights in hot air balloons …


Certainly the best known archaeological site as well as being the most famous in Turkey and perhaps the best preserved … a mixture of Greek and Roman skills and architecture …


In Turkey there are many, and it is almost a have to try one to feel regenerated … almost reborn … the most popular and fantastic ones are those of the fascinating historic district of Antalya or Sultanahmet in Istanbul.


One of the 10 most beautiful long-distance routes in the world: 500 kilometers between Fethiye and Antalya. This is the Teke Peninsula, the cradle of the ancient Lycian civilization. The trail through pine and cedar forests dominated by 3000 meter high mountain peaks, through villages, extraordinary coastal views and the remains of a myriad of ruins of ancient cities such as Pınara, Xanthos, Letoön and Olympos.


A combination of sun, sand and blue water make the Turkish coasts one of a kind; among the greatest Mediterranean and Aegean beauties there is “Kaputaş”, a tiny bay with brilliant shallow waters and “Patar” , the longest beach in Turkey. Many of the most beautiful beaches are found along the Licia path.


Ghost town with a magical appearance seems to float in a sea of grass, almost as if it were a movie set. Located in splendid isolation on the Armenian border, it is pervaded by a surreal atmosphere. Before being abandoned in 1239 following a Mongol invasion, Ani was the prosperous capital of the kingdoms of Urartu and Armenia. Today only suggestive ruins remain, including those of some churches and a cathedral built between 987 and 1010.


Terraced limestone formations dominated by the ruins of the ancient Roman and Byzantine spa center of Hierapolis, the ‘Cotton Castle’ is one of the most spectacular natural wonders in Turkey.


Called ‘blue cruise’ four days and three nights aboard a gület, a traditional Turkish wooden sailing boat along the Turquoise Coast in the western Mediterranean.


In Turkey there is a market for every occasion; from the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul to the mules that go up the narrow streets of the hilly bazaar of Mardin, the shadow theater, a covered market in Bursa up to the bazaars dedicated to silk or precious carpets.…